Modern Medicine

Modern advances in medicine are amazing. The treatments and cures are incredible. However, modern medicine could learn a lot from old school doctoring. Too often in the medical industry today people are moved along like cattle. It has become a numbers game for doctors. The profits are high but the care is not what it used to be.

An Old View in a Modern World

Years ago a doctor took time with his patients. He knew their history and their family’s too. This gave him insight into the patient’s world and helped him make the right diagnosis and decisions. All of this was done because he truly cared.

Dr. Butler and his staff believe you need to take the time and understand the concerns and ailments of patients. We also believe you need to take time to ensure the patient understands what is happening, as well as what the treatment plan is. It’s this type of personal care that is so essential to our senior patients. And that I the type of care we provide.

In our offices you will never feel like you are being rushed along. You will never feel that you’re just another number. Dr. Butler takes a personal interest in each of his patients and is dedicated to helping each one to improve their situation.

$0 Cost Insurance in Most Cases:

Many times the best care is not available simply because the coverage is not there, or the co-pay cost is too high. Dr. Butler and his staff will help inform you of any options you might not be aware of that could provide you with $0 cost coverage in many cases. Imagine being able to freely get the care you need without the worry of financial strain.

Let’s examine some of your options below.

Getting The Most Out Of Medicare!

Getting The Most From Medicare!

Medicare is a federal health insurance program. It is available to people 65 and older, people under 65 with certain disabilities and people with end-stage renal disease.

The Parts of Medicare are:

Part A – Hospital Coverage

  • Helps cover inpatient hospital care.
  • Helps cover care in a skilled nursing facility or hospice.
  • Also helps cover home health care.

Part B – Medical Coverage

  • Helps cover doctor and outpatient services.
  • Helps cover preventive services to maintain health or keep illnesses from getting worse.
  • Those who have Part B coverage pay a monthly premium directly to the government unless it is paid for you by Medicaid or a third party

Part C – Medicare Advantage – Coverages You Might Not Be Aware Of

  • An alternative to the Original Medicare insurance program and administered by the federal government, Part C gives you the option to enroll in a Medicare Advantage health plan offered by private companies such as WellCare.
  • Private companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans are approved by Medicare to provide and administer benefits for their members.
  • Part C plans cover the same services as Part A and Part B, but may also offer additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare.
  • Members of Medicare Advantage plans must continue to pay their Part B premium

Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.
  • Offered by private companies like WellCare (may require a monthly premium).
  • May be a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan, or may be included with a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C).

When It Comes To Coverage - You Have More Options Than You Think

  • You can get health services through Original Medicare and select a private Prescription Drug Plan, like one of WellCare’s Prescription Drug Plans.
  • You can get both your health services and prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan that offers both.
  • You can purchase a Medicare Supplement plan from private insurance companies to cover the gaps in Original Medicare. If your Medicare Supplement does not cover prescription drugs, you can also enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan.
  • $0 or low monthly premiums
  • Many plans with no deductibles
  • No or low co-payments for primary care physician (PCP) visits
  • More benefits than traditional Medicare
  • Prescription drug coverage with most plans.
  • Transportation to the office for those in need and qualified.

We are a WellCare Provider and can direct you to our insurance agent to get the most out of your Medicare / Well Care benefits.

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