A Physical Exam is an essential part of any visit with a doctor. The purpose of an Annual Physical Exam is to both make sure that we’re up to date with your medical history an to address any current complaints or concerns you may have. A typical physical exam may feel a bit like a quiz – the doctor will ask you questions pertaining to your diet, exercise levels, sexual activity and ask about habits such as smoking and drinking. The doctor may check to ensure you’re up to date on the latest relevant vaccinations, and will add any updates to your personal and family history. We’ll check your vitals, taking note of your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rates and temperature to ensure your health.


    The key point of a Physical Exam lies in illness prevention. Your Annual Exam is the perfect time to both check on your current health and to help you plan for the future.

 Your doctor may perform:

  • A heart examination
  • A lung examination
  • A head and neck examination
  • An abdomen examination
  • A neurological examination
  • A dermatological examination
  • Extremity exams

  If necessary, we may have labs ordered for testing, and speak with you about medication options.