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Our seniors need extra care from someone who wants to help not just push patients through the line. Our staff are keenly interested in not only finding the problem but explaining it along with the treatment. We can also assist you in choosing programs that may better suit your coverage needs. To learn more click the button below.


Dr. David Butler takes great pride in helping our veterans because he is one himself. Eager to serve his country he joined the Navy at 17 years of age. After leaving the military he decided to dedicate his life to helping the men and women who have given all for their country. From assisting with transportation needs for visits to our office, to showing veterans how to recieve $0 cost coverage for their medical treatments and prescription medications, Dr Butler is always going the extra mile to make sure every veteran recieves the full care they deserve.

Meet Dr. David Butler D.O., ABAARM, FAARM

Keeping You In Your Best Health

Dr David A Butler, since starting the practice of medicine has had the goal to provide high-quality medical care with a focus on prevention of chronic illness.

After graduating medical school at WVSOM in 2003, completing his residency and becoming board certified in Family Medicine in 2006 he has managed patients in both office and hospital settings, practiced as an ER physician and held the medical director position in two skilled nursing facilities.

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